Situations in life often push us out of our comfort zone and if our work-life balance is out of hand, in the long term it can cause us serious health problems. So, to stay healthy and be productive, we must set our priorities straight and learn how to balance stress and hormonal levels. The question is – what do we do when life strikes us hard?!

Through individual live training, online coaching consultations, group seminars, webinars, and retreats, we will show you a way to do just that as well as to lift off to a more vital and healthier life.

WHR Coaching’s aim is to enable you to achieve your personal dreams. We will support you on your way!

Part of our proven success coaching strategies is the holistic definition of the individual. The individual is treated as a multidimensional being (mind-body-soul) therefor many alternative training methods are supported – mindfulness, sports & performance coaching, nutrition, Toltec Calendar training, flow meditation, holotropic breath work, reconnective healing, and plant medicine.

From our point of view, EVERYBODY can be a winner; therefore, success is not primarily measured by who is being first but by the ability to live your life according to your dreams.

– Exclusivity and over a decade of long experience in the world of elite sports and business
– Personal coaching programs with a proven success rate
– 100% commitment and support

Dates and Location: as requested

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Our motto:

Help others but be responsible for our own life;

Respect others but embrace your craziness;

Success is a choice, not an accident.