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Winning-Heart-Rate is a start-up founded in 2016 and as you probably can imagine, the process of creating something new takes a lot of adaptation, time, and multitasking in all aspects of life, therefore I am proud to say that since the 2021 project Winning-Heart-Rate is at the stage where we can offer complete training programs – “FIT FOR BUSINESS & LIFE – TM” for teams, and “FIT FOR BUSINESS & LIFE – 1:1” for individuals.


The Principles of Success in Sports Are Very Similar to Those of the Economy

We work with individuals or a team just as we would work with top athletes, just on a different stage, since business has very similar success criteria as in sports.

Success mechanisms are always immediately observable and measurable in sports, and everything that has proven itself in top-class sports can be systematically transferred to the corporate world.

That makes progress day after day measurable and success visible!

It’s Not Just Training – It’s a Lifestyle!

The holistic approach provides a decisive advantage. Healthy body, mind, energy, relationships & business are all part of WHR’s holistic training approach.

As a regular person or as an athlete, you are developing on many levels and you don’t want that things are happening to you by chance. You are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself so all of your performance parameters must be at the highest level if you want to get to the top. Ultimately, your personality and your mentality determine your success.

If you want to LEARN HOW TO WIN and benefit from my many multi-dimensional experiences in high-performance sports, business, and life, feel free to contact us.

Our References – Our Credibility

WHR training programs and coaching start right there, where success has its origin – in the consciousness of the person.

We achieve measurable and scientifically proven results!

We work systematically and holistically with our participants to train and strengthen the “Winning Mind-Set” (the DNA of success), the mindset that all outstanding successful people of the world have in common.

We not only train your mental muscle groups but also make you physically and financially fit!



Mikus Tīss is a performance trainer for European, and Grand Slam champions in the game of tennis as well as a coach for individuals, teams, and executives of international companies. He provides you with his know-how and experiences with author-method combining various types of training – health & fitness, personal development, mindfulness, EQ, NLP, Erickson, leadership, team, client acquisition, and business system development.

My experience is YOUR success!

– Mikus Tīss, CEO of Winning-Heart-Rate

About the Author

I grew up playing a lot of sports and till the age of 21 played professional basketball. After my civil engineering studies and work in the corporate world, I realized that I needed some change, so I continued my career in sports as a fitness coach & personal manager for the best Latvian men’s tennis player Ernests Gulbis. With tennis, I traveled the world (25+ countries), and most importantly met new people and realized my passion. It was sports, business, personal development and everything around it, so naturally, I wanted to study more about it (sports science, physiotherapy, psychology, leadership, nutrition, etc.) and in 2014 opened my own coaching company SIA WHR CONSULTING (previous SIA Tennis Fitness). In 2016, I decided that I wanted to create a corporate wellbeing platform Winning-Heart-Rate as a tool for my professional work and look for ways I could transition the knowledge from professional sports to business and regular people. Needless to say my road from that decision has been far from easy. Up on till now, I have worked in the corporate environment as a project manager, sales manager, business development manager, and managed my own start-up company and a medium-sized team of 40 people.
The rest is history, and the 2021 project Winning-Heart-Rate is in its realization phase, so by joining the WHR community you will become part of my story and hopefully find some meaning in your life as well.
I truly believe that only people who have gone into the unknown and come back in “one piece” can help others with healthy guidance, so if you are reading this, it means I have found my way.