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Employees are looking for more than financial incentives when it comes to participating in employer-sponsored health screenings or savings vehicles. Instead, they want to feel these types of programs and tools meet their needs as individuals and connect to them in a deeper, more meaningful way.


Well-being is not an isolated program or initiative. Employee well-being is purpose-driven and woven into the fabric of an organization’s values and the employee experience. It is inextricably linked to a myriad of policies, programs, and benefit offerings as well as to desired culture, productivity improvement, longer-term organizational talent retention, and sustainability of business results.

We believe an integrated approach that encompasses four dimensions of employee well-being – physical, emotional, financial, and social – is the key to creating greater employee engagement.


1. Physical well-being: To thrive physically means understanding and managing one’s health, taking appropriate preventive measures, improving health status where needed, managing chronic conditions, navigating and recovering from an acute illness or unexpected injury, and successfully returning to peak functionality at home and at work.

2. Emotional well-being: Being emotionally balanced means being self-aware, maintaining good mental health, being resilient by managing stress, coping with positive and negative emotional triggers, dealing with life crises, and maintaining stability through illness or injury.

3. Financial well-being: Achieving the state of being financially secure means having the ability to manage budgetary commitments, meet financial goals, protect against risks, save for contingencies or future needs like college or retirement, and cope with financial shocks.

4. Social well-being: Social employee well-being is about being connected by understanding how to interact well with others, accepting diversity, being inclusive, knowing how to support and collaborate with others, being able to successfully resolve conflicts, and adapting to change. Being connected applies across one’s family and friends, one’s workplace and the larger community.


Each dimension is unique and intertwined with the others. Integrated well-being begins with individuals and, when achieved, extends throughout their organizations, families, and the larger community. As a result, the ideal state of well-being ⎯ physically thriving, emotionally balanced, financially secure, and socially connected ⎯ places the employee at the center and is truly integrated across all four dimensions.

Well-being matters; how your employees feel influences how and where they work. It also influences productivity and ultimately financial results. Moreover, having employees who are thriving, secure, balanced, and connected can not only help to improve the workforce but also the world as we know it.


Companies can implement a more personalized, integrated approach to employee well-being by following these six steps:

1. Assess where your company is currently

2. Set goals and objectives to help close the gaps

3. Design your well-being program

4. Consider vendor solutions and software tools

5. Implement processes for managing vendors and tracking progress

6. Engage employees

We approach our Corporate Wellbeing training from an integral standpoint and specialize in health & fitness, personal development, and business system coaching. Our goal is to help individuals and teams (small to medium size companies) develop healthy work-life environment by targeting key areas – health, positive emotions, employee engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.


Our USP is not just our know-how in coaching (sports, life, business) but also our online custom-made software/coaching system that is designed to keep track of all our client’s performance data, training plans, and progress over time, plus serve as an instrument for online coaching and provide the performance data for the employer.

If you want to help yourself and your team master Corporate Wellbeing then look no further. We will assist you on your journey to success and help your business to grow.


WHR Corporate Wellbeing training programs are engaging, visual, and focused on value and impact, however, our coaching is based on experience, science, and data.

Our Corporate Wellbeing programs:




Twin track approach: team and individual

Success in a team: our experience – your success
Better performance mind-set, improved working atmosphere, higher productivity, and less fluctuation. From the individual to the team!

Each individual is an important success factor in a team but only when the team is cooperating the team will succeed.

World of Change

Everything changes constantly and change needs the right mindset! Newly formed teams and challenging goals often require new paths and strategies. In the shortest time possible, teams should be formed and be able to operate successfully to get things done.

Winning Team

We develop tailor-made training for you in relation to your goals and needs. We bring your team to a new level in terms of the required qualities (e.g. trust, motivation, appreciation, communication, team spirit)

Our USP – our unbeatable combination

Your processes in combination with our strategies and the new mind-set of your team unfold their full effect. The process of developing a winning team has been proven to be faster and more efficient than traditional team training.

Twin track approach

With our “Twin Track” strategy we strengthen both, the individual and the entire team.


WHR concept on the team level provides a “Winning Team” mentality on a collective level and has a basis of bonding, learning new skills, overcoming fears, finding new business management solutions, and having fun which leads to next-level companies’ success!


“A company is only as strong as its people and the people are only as strong as their health and fitness will allow.”

WHR concept on an individual level provides a “Winning mentality” that has a basis of a positive mindset, physical and mental fitness, healthy nutrition & lifestyle, as well as new business and team strategies that lead to extremely positive results for employees and company.